RFK 2002

Following the death of his brother John, Robert Kennedy is forced to rise to the challenge of leading his country and carrying on his brother's vision of what America could be.

Rflktr 2018

A pilot crash lands on an alien planet where she faces an unexpected enemy... another version of herself-one who has been on the planet long enough to know that only one of them is going to make it out alive.

R.F.K. 2004

David Grubin's probing and perceptive biography reassesses the remarkable and tragic life of Bobby Kennedy, whose early life was spent in the shadow of his elder brother John. After JFK's assassination, he discovered his own identity in the forefront of American politics before his career was also tragically curtailed by an assassin's bullet. (Storyville)

Jingle Bells: RFK - 1964 1977

Surrounded by his children, his wife Ethel, and Sammy Davis, Jr., RFK visits schoolchildren around the city, and is every bit the good patriarch and dutiful public servant. But it’s the films’ fleeting, in-between, moments where Pennebaker most precisely hits the mark, offering reflection on the possibilities that Robert Kennedy’s all too brief life foreclosed. Set against the pageantry of a long ago Christmas, the film speaks to tragic contingencies of history lying far beyond the ken of politics that continue to circumscribe the tortured destiny of our country.

R.F.D. 10,000 B.C. 1917

Set in prehistoric times, this short film was created for the Edison Company by Willis H. O'Brien, a pioneer of American stop-motion animation.

RFK: The Kennedy Family Remembers 2018

Kerry, Kathleen and Robert Kennedy, Jr. share personal recollections of their father on the 50th anniversary of his death. Robert F. Kennedy's battles over civil rights, poverty, and the war in Vietnam are explored, as are his personal struggles after the death of his brother.

The Second Dallas: Who Killed RFK? 2010

As with the plot to frame Lee Harvey Oswald, the verdict on Robert Kennedy's murder was decided even before the case went to court. A lone, deranged assassin has always been the best way to explain away, and distract attention from, much more intricate conspiracies. This landmark documentary summarizes the best evidence that has ever emerged, contradicting the official story of Robert Kennedy's assassination. While sold by the corporate media as an open and shut case against "Palestinian radical" Sirhan Sirhan, this riveting film presents meticulously researched evidence, by several independent investigators, exposing outrageous procedure violations, blatant forgeries, and unexplained dismissals on the part of the authorities, revealing a world-class cover-up.

RFVideo Shoot: Al Snow 1998

Al Snow has been around the wrestling business for approximately 16 years. Al Snow is very opinionated & is not one guy that holds back his views what so ever. Al Snow is a very funny guy,but also has a lot to offer as far as information & stories. If you wonder why he goes on TV & is constantly asking for a meeting with Vince, you’ll find out why after this interview, cause it is all based on a shoot. Discussed are the following:his NWA tryout with The Andersons, his memorable Michigan matches vs. Sabu, his early ECW stay & why it ended,his SMW run ,his WCW tryout,his early dealings with Vince & WWF,his Avatar gimmick,his days as a Rocker with Marty Jannetty, trying to get a meeting with Vince,his conflicts with the bookers including a great story about Jake Roberts,how he came up with the Head gimmick. Al takes calls as well.

RFVideo Shoot: Al Snow 2008

The staff of RF VIDEO was blown away with our latest shoot interview. We knew going in this man would pull no punches, as he is known in locker rooms across the country as a straight shooter. We’ve followed his career from SMW to ECW to finally WWE and yet we still weren’t prepared for what we caught on tape. That’s right, RF VIDEO is proud to announce the latest in our exclusive line of shoot interviews featuring the one and only AL SNOW!

RFVideo Shoot: Balls Mahoney 2009

Balls Mahoney is one of the most revered wrestlers from the era of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Balls takes us into the forbidden world of kayfabe in ECW. Balls talks quite candidly about some of his most memorable moments in ECW history. You’ll hear all about the wars with the Dudleys, New Jack and Kronus, Sabu, Rob Van Dam, and more. What was it like to be in the ring with this wild bunch of wrestlers? What was it like working for Paul Heyman? Balls tells us, with some great stories to boot.

One Thousand Pictures: RFK's Last Journey 2010

Photographer Paul Fusco had a coveted place on the train carrying Robert Kennedy's body, with the assignment of covering the funeral -- but he ended up using all his film on the people he saw from his window, lined up to pay their respects.

RFK Must Die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy 2007

A new investigative documentary exploring the controversies surrounding the assassination of Bobby Kennedy on June 5, 1968 as he looked set to challenge Nixon for the White House. Munir Sirhan tells how his brother Sirhan has never been able to remember the shooting. Sandra Serrano speaks for the first time in forty years about the girl in the polka-dot dress fleeing the scene, yelling "We shot him! We shot him!" And Dr. Herbert Spiegel of Columbia University describes how Sirhan was hypnotically programmed to kill Robert Kennedy.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 2: When Worlds Collide

It's time for the shoot interview to end all shoot interviews. The one DVD that may never be topped as RF VIDEO like a mad scientist hell bent on destroying the world, put three of wrestling's most combustible elements in one room and filmed the results. Honky Tonk Man. New Jack. The Iron Sheik. Pound for pound the three most entertaining men to listen to in the entire world of professional wrestling and the only three who could possibly be involved in FACE OFF 2: WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 3: Pure Evil

Batten down the hatches and hide your loved ones, RF VIDEO is excited to release Face Off Volume 3: “Pure Evil” on DVD! Two of wrestling’s most controversial characters, both in front and behind of the camera, sat down together to record a priceless experience that will have wrestling fans going crazy. And these guys know crazy! Raven conducted the interview and came across like an old pro as he pulled stuff out of Sullivan that we had never heard before. It was if we were a fly on the wall in a wrestling locker room, watching two wrestlers talking about the business and completely ignoring the camera. Anyone who has heard Raven or Sullivan knows that this disc is chok-full of great stories as these literally have done it all and seen it all.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 4: Extreme Legacy

Terry Funk. Steve Corino. Two former NWA and ECW World Champions. Two of wrestling’s craziest personalities and these men were hardcore before there even was “hardcore.” RF Video was able to get both legends in a room together and just sat back as the men held a tutorial on their historic careers. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to present the fourth chapter in our Face Off series: EXTREME LEGACY. Funk and Corino discuss all the places they have been to in their career and many of the personalities they have come across, including; Scott Hall, Paul Heyman, Giant Baba, Joel Goodhart, Shane Douglas, Sabu, Dynamite Kid, Tully Blanchard, Eddie Gilbert, and Mick Foley among many others. Extreme Legacy will put YOU in the middle of a conversation between two of wrestling’s most charismatic and knowledgeable personalities. This is not your grandfather’s shoot interview, this is a wrestling experience.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 5: Queens of Extreme

Tammy Sytch and Francine, two of the hottest, and most charismatic, wrestling valets of all time,are finally going sit down together for an unforgettable edition of RF Video’s Face Off series! The Queens of Extreme, certainly a pair that beats any three of a kind, get down and dirty with a gossip session that is unrivaled on DVD and will have you engrossed with tales of deceit, stories of sexual deviance, and scandalous observations in the twisted world of wrestling coming from a most unique perspective.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 7: Old School 101

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages… RF VIDEO has once again made history by putting together two of the biggest names in professional wrestling history in one incredible DVD. Not since chocolate met peanut butter has a combination been better and more enjoyable to the human condition. Two world heavyweight champions whose names transcend the sport. Who rise above the WWF/NWA civil war-like mentality of wrestling fandom. Bob Backlund. Terry Funk. Face Off Vol 7: Old School 101.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 8: Midnight Madness

Sometimes the best stuff we film with wrestlers just happen by chance. Last night RF VIDEO took a huge chance when we got a call around 11PM asking us if we wanted the chance to film a brand new Face Off with Raven and Jim Mitchell AKA Sinister Minister. I was in my bed just about to close my eyes when I got the call, “Hey Feinstein it’s Raven, my and Vandy are driving back from Kanyons wake, we want to do a interview with you, you down?” I knew it was going to be a late night but I had no idea on how late we would get started. Roughly around 1 30 AM Raven and Jim pull up to my house. They were in good spirits being that they just came from Chris Kanyons wake. Both guys were telling me about the services which saw a few wrestlers attend and even Mic Foley came to pay his respects. They discuss a lot of personal stuff about Chris and talk about his battles with depression but all of the stories they share are hilarious.

RFVideo Face Off Vol. 9: The Extreme Rivalry

In the world of professional wrestling there has always been feuds that will be remembered forever ilke the Buzz Sawyer/Tommy Rich feud. We had the Von Erichs/Freebirds feud in the 80’s. Hogan and Piper battled all over the country during the 80’s and 90’s but one of the biggest feuds ever during the 90’s was with two of the most extreme athletes of all time from the land of barbed wire, Tommy Dreamer and Raven. This was by far one of wrestling biggest and longest running feuds of all time. These men made history for over a decade battling each other on many different continents. Now for the first time RF VIDEO was able to get these two to Face Off with each other and talk about their historic program. What made it work and stand out and how did they get it to last so long. All of these questions get answered during Face Off Volume 9 The Extreme Rivalry!!!!

Mayberry R.F.D. 1968

Mayberry R.F.D. is an American television series produced as a spin-off and direct continuation of The Andy Griffith Show. When star Andy Griffith decided to leave his series, most of the supporting characters returned for the new program, which ran for three seasons on the CBS Television Network from 1968–1971. During the final season of The Andy Griffith Show, widower farmer Sam Jones and his young son Mike are introduced and gradually become the show's focus. Sheriff Andy Taylor takes a backseat in the storylines, establishing the sequel series. The show's first episode, "Andy and Helen's Wedding", had the highest ratings in recorded television history. Sheriff Taylor and newlywed wife Helen make guest appearances on RFD until late 1969, and then relocate with Opie. Mayberry R.F.D. was popular throughout its entire run, but was canceled after its third season in CBS's infamous "rural purge" of 1971. R.F.D. stands for "Rural Free Delivery", a quaint postal depiction of the rural Mayberry community.

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